‘Touch’ Carried Connections to Extremes

There was a television series in 2012 called Touch. The premise centered around the concept that connections between people happen constantly and like the ripple effect have unseen and far-reaching consequences. I’m watching the entire series on Netflix and find the seemingly random intersections of people and their effect very interesting.

Have any of you seen this series? What do you think about the so-called ‘Ripple Effect’? Do you think that applies to our actions, too? Can random acts of kindness have more far-reaching effect than we have ever imagined? When we offer a smile to a stranger, who knows how many people that smile can affect? We can create our own positive ripple effects.

I send a lot of greeting cards and often the recipient will say something like, ‘That card came at the perfect time. I really needed a boost just then.’ It’s amazing how the connections between us prompt us to do something, which when done, has more of an impact that we could possibly have imagined.

Do any of you have your own stories? Let’s talk it. Let’s see how big a way of positivity we can create.

Who’s with me?

What’s the Connection?

I’ve been struggling with the idea of writing a blog for a long time. What would I write about? Who would want to read it? Why would anyone care?

Lately, the pressure inside me has been building and my thoughts keep coming back to creating a blog to share those thoughts and insights on the world today. So, here goes…

The world is changing. The world of today is so much larger and, at the same time, so much smaller than it was when I was a child. Then the world was a few square miles. I knew very few people outside my own neighborhood and the people I saw on television were not real, they were merely visual stories. Today, you can find yourself chatting with someone halfway around the world. People are people where ever you find them. They have the same human needs and desires. We are all connected.

I recently read (actually listened to)  a book called A Whole New Mind by Daniel H. Pink. He supports the idea that we have moved out of the Information Age and into the Conceptual Age. He offers reasons for the shift, as well as, skills, or as he terms them, senses necessary for survival in this new age. Two of these senses really speak to the connection that exists among all human beings. Empathy and meaning are vital to our survival and they demonstrate most clearly what it is to be human. If I can ‘walk a mile in your shoes’ and truly understand your situation, it makes me better able to work with you to solve your problems, as well as my own. If I can help you achieve your purpose in life, perhaps you can help me do the same.

We are all connected. The planet is ours. We are all one.

Sometime ago I discovered that my purpose in life is to spread Joy. I found a company to work with whose purpose aligns with my own. This alignment brings me peace, joy and an avenue to increase my income and therefore my ability to serve my purpose. It’s no longer enough for products and services to just exist. We need them to satisfy our deeper needs. The need for beauty, compassion, love and purpose. Volunteerism is on the rise. Companies that show they care will outshine those who focus only on the bottom line.

I’d like to start a discussion here. Have you discovered your purpose? Do you feel more connected to the world? What are your thoughts about all of this?