‘Touch’ Carried Connections to Extremes

There was a television series in 2012 called Touch. The premise centered around the concept that connections between people happen constantly and like the ripple effect have unseen and far-reaching consequences. I’m watching the entire series on Netflix and find the seemingly random intersections of people and their effect very interesting.

Have any of you seen this series? What do you think about the so-called ‘Ripple Effect’? Do you think that applies to our actions, too? Can random acts of kindness have more far-reaching effect than we have ever imagined? When we offer a smile to a stranger, who knows how many people that smile can affect? We can create our own positive ripple effects.

I send a lot of greeting cards and often the recipient will say something like, ‘That card came at the perfect time. I really needed a boost just then.’ It’s amazing how the connections between us prompt us to do something, which when done, has more of an impact that we could possibly have imagined.

Do any of you have your own stories? Let’s talk it. Let’s see how big a way of positivity we can create.

Who’s with me?